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• To contribute to the improvement of the overall quality of English  language teacher education in Turkey, both pre-service and  in-service, by:
   o encouraging effective teacher education practices
   o making recommendations to relevant stakeholders and  policy-makers

• To provide a forum for English language teacher educators to discuss and share their practices, experiences and research 
• To promote collaborative research and suggest direction for future  research
• To disseminate research findings and create a common database of findings and resource
• To provide guidance and support for less experienced English language  teacher  educators in the field

We aim to accomplish the above by:
• Holding an annual colloquium  (June)
  o Presentations and discussions

• Creating a website for English language teacher educators/ researchers in Turkey
  o Link to wiki for teacher research/classroom research/exploratory practice
  o Link to conferences in Turkey
   o Links to relevant websites, blogs, online resources, etc
  o Links to dissemination of  colloquium outcomes
    o Links to database of English language teacher education research findings

• Holding yearly committee meetings (January)

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